National Forests Martyrs Day — Sept. 11
National Forest Martyrs Day — 11th Sept

Every year 11th Sept is celebrated as National Forests Martyrs Day

👑It all started in 1730, when soldiers of King Maharaja Abhay Singh of Rajasthan, India

🩸Slaughtered over 350 people of Bishnoi Community

🌲Just because a women named Amrita Devi and rest of the people in that village protested against the cutting of the trees, especially the sacred Khejarli tree

⚖️Shocked by the uprising revolt, the king apologized to the Bishnoi community & made a declaration stating strict laws against tree cutting & killing of animals.

✒️To recognize the sacrifice of our nation’s forests warriors, in 2013, the ministry of environment & forest declared 11th Sept, as the national forest martyr's day

🫡Our salute to these forests' warriors!



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